Digital Transformation


There are many definitions of Digital Transformation, but in SHA we like to use this:

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technologies across all areas of an organization, leading to process changes (operational and non-operational), with a clear focus on maximizing the value delivered to customers.

Under this umbrella, SHA works with one of the key assets of any organization: the knowledge, and helps in redefining the way technology can help users to “free their time” when dealing with information needed to drive interactions, always from a perspective of Excelence – Customer Experience. But let’s be clear: this is not about bringing technology, it is about changing the way value is delivered.

Using our software platform as foundation tool, we redefine the way information is created, organized, stored, spread and analyzed on a continuous improvement cycle.

As a secondary effect of the transformation, the abilities required in the organization will evolve for knowledge intensive to soft skills intensive (empathy, listening, communication, etc).

SHA colaboration in an typical implementation project covers the following aspects:

  • Helping in the design of the implementation project: communications, milestones, process review, content organization and creation, training, deployment and follow up.
  • Reviewing operational processes (training skills and process, day-to-day operations, performance management, etc.) identifying gaps or improvement oportunities when sharing knowledge across the whole organization.
  • Analyzing available knowledge, evaluating customer impact and loading content into the SHA knowledge platform.
  • Deploying the required infrastructure.
  • Monitoring system usage, feedback and improvement recomendations.