Technology & Features

At SHA, we want to take advantage of the available technologies and tools to ensure smooth and valuable customer interactions in the digital arena, both for end customers and internal users.

The system works in 90+ languages, providing full control of access and security capabilities. Its search engine has been optimized for fast, accurate and reliable outcome in any language. An unique feature is the capability of capturing customer feedback in terms of satisfaction, resolution and areas of improvement, with real time feedback.

Our software has been developed using open source technologies, including AI capabilities. Third party providers are in charge of geo localization, automatic translation or graphic experience.

The setup consists of two elements: the front end widget and the back office portal, accessible via the Web, which runs all management processes, as well as the output configuration of the widget.

The back office section provides a comprehensive set of tools for content analysis, helping Content Managers define the best strategy to improve the customer experience on digital channels. Some of its unique features are:

  • Systematic organization of knowledge assets
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Document Management
  • Automatic translation
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Validation and Quality Control
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Access Control and Security
  • Training and Learning
  • Integration capabilities
  • Mobile Accessibility

SHA product family is made of two main product lines: SHA and INTRA. The first is the solution designed for integration on client portals, webpages, and has been designed to work with generic users, without the need of authentication.
INTRA is the version developed for closed communities, i.e. call centers, where the power of SHA is used as a knowledge base repository, helping agents to both acquire the required knowledge as well as help customers in real time.