SHA Partners Program

A unique business opportunity

We believe our partners are the key factor to our success. For this reason, the SHA Partner Program (SHAPP) provides your organization, as a partner, a unique opportunity to expand your business, develop your service portfolio extend your expertise, reinforce your network and increase the level of intimacy you have with your clients through an alliance on their digital journey.

We hope that you will find in SHAPP all the elements you need to help your clients deal with customers in the digital arena. The SHA value proposition will be one of the most effective arguments.

SHAPP Support

SHAPP has been designed to provide you all the processes and tools you need:

  • Presales support, as necessary.
  • Certified consultants available to support your own resources
  • Project management
  • Dedicated cloud-based lab environments
  • 24×7 Production support for your clients
If you would like to receive more information about how to become a SHA partner, please click here