Providing your users with SHA tools to address most of the queries in such a way they use trusted and updated information is a key thing to reach a high level of User Experience. It’s been proven that high user experience will have a material impact on organizations KPIs…..

With SHA products you boost your KPIs

  • Operation KPIs
    • First Call Resolution (FCR)
    • Call duration
  • Financial KPIs
    • Cost per call
  • Customer Experience KPIs
    • Net Promote Score (NPS)
    • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Employee Experience KPIs
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Employee Retention



With SHA products you delight your users

  • Free your Customer Support Team from endless search to adress a customer enquiry
    • So they can focus on being nice to customers!
  • Free your Client from inconsistent and confusing replies to their basic queries
    • So they can spend time enjoying to use your products
  • Free your Managers from struggling to meet KPIs and finding time to care about their teams
    • So they can spend time on their core job: managing their teams
  • Free your IT teams from struggling to deliver top performance of KB support
    • So they can focus on IT core missions!
  • Free your Training Team
    • So they can focus on delivering high quality

Free yourself!!!

SHA is an easy to use, simple to implement Solution Management Platform

  • More than a standard Knowledge Management System, SHA is a Solution Centric Platform.
  • Standard Text and Image structured solutions or Tree based solutions
  • Sophistated AND easy to use
  • Training module Integrated.

Technology & Features

SHA consultants are here to guide you through your fresh Knowledge/Solution Management implementation as well as your migration from your current


Designed by Customer Experience Experts for Customer Experience Leaders

Our experience over the last 25 years …

Taught us …

Digital Revolution is not over: Customers expectations (quality, time, ubiquity) follows the technology trend

Humans are still humans (clients & Contact Center operators) keeping both happy is key for business!

Product and Services are fast moving (specs, policies, prices, locations, procédures, regulations, events…)

Knowledge Base systems built like libraries of information are not adressing new needs

Multilingual is not an option

So we designed a platform …

Agile & aimed at delivering solutions

A platform ensuring freshness of information provided

Involving all parties to contribute to the quality of the content

Scalable and highly performing using state of art cloud infrastructure (we also provide on-premises solutions)

Cost efficient

With training module integrated (train the staff When and If necessary)

Available in more than 90 languages