Services – August 24 2019


An important milestone in any SHA deployment is the integration of former contents/Knowledge Base/FAQ from client into the new tool. It is not about software adaptation, but rather workflow adherence. The different status of each knowledge item within the system workflow is relevant for proper interaction management. Furthermore, the organization of information flows to ensure smooth customer interaction is another key aspect for success.

At SHA, we are committed to helping our clients in this phase, so we are ready to carry out a comprehensive review of client contents, along with their initial adaptation to the data structures of our software databases.

SHA Software

Our software has been designed to improve Customer Experience on digital space, boosting customer capabilities for self-service & self-resolution while reducing overall online contact needs between customers and organizations: customers queries and only useful suggestions are provided;  it’s as simple as that!

By defining precise processing rules for the information and the proper combination of information categories and decision tree/solution tree structures, we are able to reduce the customer’s total invested time with a beneficial impact on experience, brand perception and overall service satisfaction. Our software is not a bot: for us, human involvement is key in developing right solutions for your customers/users.

Our software has been developed using open source technologies (Php as the coding language and Mysql as the database, including NLP and automatic translation capabilities ). In addition, it uses Javascript on the client machine and Ajax technology for data transfer, over https/http2 protocols.
SHA architecture
The setup consists of two elements: the front end widget, which is embebbed in the client webpage as Php code, and the back end software, accessible via the Web, which runs all management processes, as well as the output configuration of the widget.
BackEnd CX dashboard

This provides a comprehensive set of tools for content analysis, helping Content Managers define the best strategy to improve the customer experience on digital channels:

  • User profile management
  • Knowledge & category/thesaurus management
  • Workflow management
  • Content analytics
BackEnd Production report
INTRA is the version developed for closed communities, i.e. call centers, where the power of SHA is used as a knowledge base repository, helping agents to both acquire the required knowledge as well as help customers in real time.
If you would like to experience how SHA works, please click here.

Cloud Model

Our software can be deployed under a “Cloud Model” concept: we provide the backend infrastructure to our clients, as well as day-to-day operational management. Clients are requested to integrate the SHA widget into their web portals.

Our data center/CDN providers bring robust backend to your business:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Performance load balanced servers
  • Multiple data center locations, strategically located on Global IP backbones.


If the client wants to deploy our solution on its own infrastructure, then the option is “On-Premise“: the software and database will be deployed in the client’s data center. If needed, content adaptation will be carried out by SHA personnel. We will monitor data model accuracy and application performance on a monthly basis.