An important milestone in any SHA deployment is the integration of Knowledge base/FAQ from clients into the new tool. It is not about software adaptation, but rather workflow adherence. The different status of each knowledge item within the system workflow is relevant for proper interaction management. Moreover, the organization of the information flows to ensure smooth customer interaction is another key aspect for success.

SHA Software

Our software has been designed to improve Customer Experience (CX) on digital media, boosting customer capabilities for self-service & self-resolution, while reducing overall online contact needs between customers and organizations: Customers ask questions and suggestions are provided, plain and simple.

Cloud Model

Our software can be deployed under a “Cloud Model” concept: we provide the backend infrastructure for our clients, as well as day-to-day operational management. Clients are requested to integrate the front widget into their web pages.

On-Premise Model

SHA software can also be integrated on client infrastructure, with the “On-Premise” option: the software and database will be deployed in the client’s data center. We monitor data model accuracy and application performance.

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