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Free your Staff

From searching for volatile information, getting frustrated comments from clients to…

Focus on being nice to customers!

Recent studies demonstrate the obvious: the happier your staff the better they perform. And this is even more true in customer facing operations. Smiles are contagious and the easier the conversation goes the better the end result is.

Providing your staff with SHA tools to address most of the queries in such a way they can advise clients with trusted and updated information is a key thing to reach a high level of Staff Experience.

It might be easier to prove that the lack of this kind of tools can generate awkward situations: If we take a simple example: opening hours or required paperwork to perform certain actions. If agents are using different sources to provide this kind of basic information, the risk some of them will provide outdated or incomplete information is high and next time the client will call, he might not be smiling at all… The morale of the agent taking calls will be impacted and his own smile might not be there for the next customer on the phone… It is so easy to create a negative spiral.

It is also easy to create a positive environment freeing up your staff from searching frequently changing information using an advanced, simple and always fresh knowledge management system. This is the role of SHA!!!!

Free your Clients

From inconsistent and confusing replies to their basic queries to…

Enjoy the products!

It is not necessarily the most complex queries that generate the strongest client frustration, it is mostly the inconsistency and hesitation about how to fix a problem, we have all experienced conversations with contact center agents, doing their utmost trying to be convincing about how to fix an issue while not being so sure if it is the correct solution. Or even worse, providing a fix which is totally different from the one provided by a colleague a couple of hours ago to the same customer…

With a solid and self improving knowledge management system such as INTRA solution, your clients will hear the best solution explained in the same way for their specific issues.

(*) If a solution needs improvement, the call center agent will suggest changes or simply request to have the solution reviewed as it is not fitting the need…

But SHA virtuous circles are not only for sharing smiles with customers, they also work for improving the knowledge content; it is a continuous and virtuous process.

At the end of the day, we all want the customer to enjoy using its product, not asking questions about how to use it!!!

Free your Managers

From struggling to meet KPI’s and finding time to care about their teams to…

Care about the team!

KPI’s are driving most of process based operations, in the case of call center it can be even more complex as it mixes technical and scientific, statistical figures with human, complex behavioural measurements: one example? Abandon rate, Queue Management and Customer Mood, NPF,…

Customer Service Managers are struggling to meet their KPI’s to a point, that they might forget they are first people managers, and their role is to drive their teams to provide good results.

To perform such a switch, focus on your people so you can get good KPI’s, good telephony systems, good CRM systems are fundamental but providing agents with continuous (own paced) training, a unique source for information which is fresh consistent and self improving is also critical.

SHA is freeing up managers from struggling to meet their KPI’s by focusing on the ones interfacing with the client!

Free your IT Team!

From struggling to deliver top performance in term of KB support (content and infra)!

Focus on IT core missions!

Having a critical operational tool under the responsibility of IT team can be a necessity to get the work done. IT is in charge of insuring performance is delivered as required, updates are there on time, security and other legal requirements are fulfilled and changes are managed according to the operation’s need.

But let’s face it, we all know this is also bringing bottlenecks as IT teams have a lot of other applications and a lot of other internal clients to care about and their respective users always believe that their own application is more critical than the others.

As a result, and especially from a Customer Service Operational Management perspective, the IT team struggles to deliver the new updates, the new users, the new reports as expected. No one is to blame but it is fact: it can be better.

To free up the IT team from the daily struggles, SHA is a cloud base application (it can also be on premises which indeed requires some IT involvement to set up and maintain, but this remains light) which brings the usual benefits of cloud infrastructure (security, performance, easy scaling… and cost) but in term of content and user management it also shift the responsibility from IT to Operations.

When there is a need to move from good old time documentation based knowledge base, the SHA experts are here to guide through the initial process, they’ve got a lot of experience on how to organize Customer Service knowledge content…

Free Yourself!

From Digital Transformation headaches!

Focus on Growth & Bottom Line!

Using higher performance tools and platform to ensure your support and service teams are efficient (costs) happy (Staff Experience) and deliver the utmost quality to the clients sounds like a given but for the Customer Service Managers it is not that easy

Moving traditional documentation to a digital format and sharing it in a natural and easy way can be a challenge

Keeping the pace with other departments which are already advanced in their Digital Transformation (sales, marketing, logistics, HR…) is another challenge for the Service Operations!

Integrating new ways of working with new generation of employees used to work from home, used to fast changes, motivated by contributing to the results, familiar dealing with innovative apps is another challenge.

SHA is here for you so you can Easily digitalise your multi format existing knowledge Ensure the content is kept fresh by easily improve and change it (keep the pace with daily dynamics) Train your team when needed and as needed, here again keep the pace with the fast changing environment. Involve your team in the process making their job more fulfilling and more meaningful Focus on what is key for you and you C°: stay ahead from competition, provide more to your customers, reach your targets!

Free Yourself

From Digital Transformation headaches

So you can really measure the benefits!!