SHA integrates nugget training in its Knowledge Management Platform!

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Ever heard of Nugget or Snack Training? Is it any good? Here are some delicious insights from our CHEFs, the SHA experts!

The tasty news is that, as expected, Snack Training is as easy to understand as devouring a bag of chips and as quick to complete as a microwave dinner.

“Nugget training” or “Snack Training” refers to an approach that breaks down complex concepts or skills into smaller, more manageable “nuggets” of information. These nuggets are typically as easy to understand and remember as your favorite comfort food, making the learning process more effective. It’s a method of delivering information in bite-sized, easily digestible pieces.

You can not only satisfy your hunger with snacks, but the same goes for training. There is an obvious need to balance the formal, fundamental classroom training with shorter, complementary sessions that can easily fit into a busy schedule. So, grab your training nuggets and let’s feast on knowledge!”

Combining Knowledge Management with flexible and agile Training feature is especially adapted to Customer Facing Operations where information is volatile and frequently updated and where keeping all employees at similar level of skills is very challenging, new hires cannot compete with veterans!

With SHA Training Module, you’ll be able to:

  • Edit and share very quickly snack training content.
  • Select the group of people that are required to go through those learning short modules.
  • Schedule a beginning and an end to have this performed..
  • Provide the selected trainees with alerts that they must learn those content within the time frame.
  • Create, when necessary, a quiz (thanks to the quiz editor) which enables you within minute to create a questionnaire to ensure that everyone has digested the nugget!
  • Collect their feedback so you can measure the quality of the content (like for any other content shared on SHA)

The benefits are clear:

  • Ensure that all targeted trainees have been trained at their own pace..
  • No organization issue to train large group of staff working on shift.
  • No training room and trainer availability headaches.
  • Full control and monitoring of how the message went through.
  • Individual monitoring in case of difficulties digesting the content.
  • Individual monitoring in case of difficulties digesting the content. (like for any other content shared on SHA)

Your training staff is the Chef, don’t bother a Chef cooking basic stuff and leave SHA handles the nugget training!

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