ESG & KMS: The Dynamic Duo of Progress!

Can Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) really save the day for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives? Let’s dive into the action-packed world of possibilities!

  1. 1. Environmental Sustainability:
  • Sustainable Practices: KMS spreads the word on sustainable practices, like reducing paper usage and recycling, while embracing renewable energy sources. It’s like a green cape for the planet!
  •  Energy Efficiency: KMS swoops in to share best practices and innovative ideas for energy efficiency, fighting wasteful villains and reducing carbon emissions like a true superhero!

2. Social Responsibility:

  • Knowledge Sharing for Social Causes: KMS becomes the ultimate sidekick, sharing information and resources on social causes, diversity programs, and philanthropy. Together, they fight for a better world!
  •  Employee Well-being: KMS provides a secret stash of resources on health, safety, work-life balance, and professional development, ensuring employees have the superpowers to thrive!

3. Governance and Ethics:

  • Compliance and Risk Management: KMS gathers all the intel on compliance requirements, regulatory changes, and risk management protocols, protecting organizations from the evil clutches of legal and reputational risks!
  •  Ethical Decision-Making: KMS becomes the guardian of ethical guidelines, codes of conduct, and corporate values, ensuring organizations stay on the path of righteousness!

4. Data Transparency and Reporting:

  • ESG Reporting: KMS assembles all the data and performance metrics across environmental, social, and governance dimensions, creating a powerful report that shines a light on the heroic efforts of organizations!
  •  Stakeholder Engagement: KMS fosters communication and collaboration with stakeholders, building trust and forming alliances with investors, customers, employees, and communities. Together, they conquer the world!

In the epic battle for ESG objectives, KMS emerges as the ultimate hero, promoting environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethical governance, and transparent reporting. With knowledge management tools and practices, organizations can unleash their superpowers and create a brighter future for all!

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Avec la Plateforme de Gestion de Connaissance SHA, formez vos équipes et obtenez vos Certificats de Formation!

Quelques minutes de formation quotidienne peuvent devenir des heures chaque mois!

Les équipes SHA sont à l’écoute permanente de leurs clients et lors de discussions avec les utilisateurs de notre plateforme de Gestion de Connaissance, ils ont exprimé leur satisfaction à propos de l’intégration de la fonctionnalité formation dans un KMS (Gestionnaire de Connaissance/ Knowledge Management System).

Et la discussion ne n’est pas arrêtée là : les Managers HR et Opérationnels nous ont dit que ce serait encore mieux si ils pouvaient obtenir facilement un rapport sur le temps passé, par chaque individu, sur ces formations!

Excellente suggestion effectivement ! C’est pourquoi nous l’avons mise en place pour que les chefs d’équipe, les gestionnaires de comptes, les directeurs opérationnels, les responsables des ressources humaines puissent avoir, en un clic, une vue sur le temps de formation et obtenir les certificats correspondants, chaque minute de formation est ainsi comptabilisée par individu, par équipe, par département…

Oh, et voici un fait qui va vous intéresser : dans certains pays (oui notamment en France mais pas seulement), les centres de formation certifiés doivent suivre l’indice de satisfaction des apprenants (LSAT). Mais devinez quoi ? Nous avons simplifié la gestion et la communication des évaluations LSAT grâce à notre module d’enquête sur la formation. Nous ne nous contentons pas de boucler la boucle en matière de qualité de la formation ; Nous y ajoutons un joli nœud fantaisie !

Et ceci tout en gardant ce qui fait la force de SHA : Facile à Créer, Simple à Utiliser et Evident à Analyser !

Pour plus d’informations, contactez nous!

SHA announces new features for 2024: train your teams and get your training certificates

Few minutes each days can build hours of monthly training!

Hot off the press: SHA Knowledge Management has received some juicy feedback from their clients about integrating training in a KMS.

The clients were like, “Hey, it’s a great idea, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if Management could keep tabs on how much time each individual spends on those trainings?” We were like, “You know what? That’s a brilliant suggestion!”

So, we made it happen, and now Team Leaders, Account Managers, Operational Directors, and HR executives can have a blast checking out the Educational Time with just a click.

Oh, and here’s a little secret: in certain countries (looking at you, France, but not excluding others), certified training centers have to keep track of the Learner Satisfaction Index (LSAT) to get those sweet subsidies. But guess what? We’ve made managing and reporting LSAT assessments a piece of cake with our training survey module. We’re not just closing the loop on training quality; we’re tying it up with a fancy bow!

Creating, completing, compiling, and analyzing are all as easy as pie.

So, get ready to dive headfirst into the world of SHA surveys and our Training Quiz. It’s like a wild rollercoaster ride packed with mind-blowing insights, sky-high satisfaction, and a whole lot of laughs!

You’ll also stumble upon another code name for it: The Learner Satisfaction Index (LSI), which is like a secret decoder ring for measuring learner happiness and contentment. It’s used by educational institutions, training programs, and e-learning platforms to gauge how stoked learners are with their learning experiences. It’s like a satisfaction score that uncovers hidden treasures of improvement. So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with SHA!

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SHA Knowledge Management boosts your CS superpowers by adding Coaching features

Level up your coaching sessions and unlock the superpowers of SHA’s integrated coaching features.

Image by gstudioimagen on Freepik

For those who, like us, believe that coaching is the secret sauce to fix Customer Service operations, SHA swoops in to save the day!

Say goodbye to:

    • Quality issues like an increase in repeated calls rate.
    • Customer experience issues like incorrect or incomplete solutions.
    • Productivity issues like call duration drifts.

    With SHA, you’ll become the superhero of knowledge management, creating improvement plans for KB users and saving the world from content chaos.

    Training and coaching are your trusty sidekicks, helping you close the loop and conquer any challenge. Let’s dive into a (not so) imaginary business case and unleash your coaching superpowers!

    Meet Peter Tek, the rookie contact center agent fresh out of onboarding training.

    Armed with a technical background, Peter has been assigned to the prestigious technical team.

    However, trouble lurks in the shadows as his quality coach has detected some chinks in his armor while listening to a few calls.

    The coach has also taken a peek at Peter’s SHA Knowledge Base usage and confirmed that Peter needs to pay more attention to administrative policies instead of relying solely on his technical prowess.

    Brace yourselves for the shocking revelations from Peter’s SHA KB usage reporting:

    • Stellar follow-up on tech training.
    • Lackluster usage of the KB for policy content.
    • And a disappointing performance in policy update training.
    Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

    But wait, there’s more!

    During the coach’s undercover mission of call monitoring, they stumbled upon a few calls that seemed to last longer than a Marvel movie.

    Why, you ask? Peter’s hesitation with administrative details left callers hanging, resulting in a second call for help.

    Fear not, for the coach has prepared a top-secret coaching session form integrated in SHA. This form will be shared with Peter, outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly, and setting the stage for improvement.

     And here’s the cherry on top: the coach can sprinkle some magic training articles into Peter’s curriculum using the “push” feature.

    Witness the wonders of SHA’s short training modules in a previous publication and get ready to save the day!

    Image by storyset on Freepik

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    SHA integrates nugget training in its Knowledge Management Platform!

    Image by pch.vector on Freepik

    Ever heard of Nugget or Snack Training? Is it any good? Here are some delicious insights from our CHEFs, the SHA experts!

    The tasty news is that, as expected, Snack Training is as easy to understand as devouring a bag of chips and as quick to complete as a microwave dinner.

    “Nugget training” or “Snack Training” refers to an approach that breaks down complex concepts or skills into smaller, more manageable “nuggets” of information. These nuggets are typically as easy to understand and remember as your favorite comfort food, making the learning process more effective. It’s a method of delivering information in bite-sized, easily digestible pieces.

    You can not only satisfy your hunger with snacks, but the same goes for training. There is an obvious need to balance the formal, fundamental classroom training with shorter, complementary sessions that can easily fit into a busy schedule. So, grab your training nuggets and let’s feast on knowledge!”

    Combining Knowledge Management with flexible and agile Training feature is especially adapted to Customer Facing Operations where information is volatile and frequently updated and where keeping all employees at similar level of skills is very challenging, new hires cannot compete with veterans!

    With SHA Training Module, you’ll be able to:

    • Edit and share very quickly snack training content.
    • Select the group of people that are required to go through those learning short modules.
    • Schedule a beginning and an end to have this performed..
    • Provide the selected trainees with alerts that they must learn those content within the time frame.
    • Create, when necessary, a quiz (thanks to the quiz editor) which enables you within minute to create a questionnaire to ensure that everyone has digested the nugget!
    • Collect their feedback so you can measure the quality of the content (like for any other content shared on SHA)

    The benefits are clear:

    • Ensure that all targeted trainees have been trained at their own pace..
    • No organization issue to train large group of staff working on shift.
    • No training room and trainer availability headaches.
    • Full control and monitoring of how the message went through.
    • Individual monitoring in case of difficulties digesting the content.
    • Individual monitoring in case of difficulties digesting the content. (like for any other content shared on SHA)

    Your training staff is the Chef, don’t bother a Chef cooking basic stuff and leave SHA handles the nugget training!

    Image by macrovector on Freepik

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    SHA INTRA new release incorporating Training Management

    As of July 6h, SHA INTRA product includes a new training management feature (v.3), enabling organizations to monitor the development of their training plans. By redesigning the training process, INTRA is managing the end-to-end process from training plan definition up to full execution.

    This reinforces even more the complementarity of Training and Knowledge, specially in the contact center/BPO arena ( but not only) where those two elements should work hand in hand, hence our solution paves the way to a much better integration of knowledge: detection of need, validation of the solution, life-cycle quality management and now this unique feature: full visibility on how the new knowledge is acquired via training.

    To do so, training plans can be defined at any of the following levels:

    • Knowledge Field
    • Category
    • Individual Articles

    To help managers, training scorecard has been added, providing top-down execution visibility, being compliant with data protection regulation on each geography.

    José Luis Caaveiro, the Company’s CEO commented, “it’s been a while that customers were requiring more granularity on training management and reporting. We heard those demands and implemented our solution to help our clients to cope with the training challenges”.

    For more information, please contact mc@sha-saas-com

    SHA announces renewed “Front” search engine together with Engagement Management

    As of January 7th, SHA INTRA search engine performance has been significantly improved in terms of accuracy and response time. The new version delivers double digits’ improvement in response time, allowing a higher precision in search relevance as well.

    This new release also incorporates the data capture for Engagement Management, an additional feature included in the backend service, that will allow SHA clients to monitor, manage and report customer engagement.

    “It’s been a couple of quarters where we have rethought our search approach. We believe that this effort is worth, and our clients will benefit from these enhanced features”, said José Luis Caaveiro, CEO of SHA.

    For more information, please contact