SHA strengthens Global Client Implementation & Operations Support with the appointment of Angel Rodriguez as VP of Service Delivery

SHA is thrilled to announce the appointment of Angel Rodriguez as the Vice President of Service Delivery. In this pivotal role, Angel will play a crucial part in driving SHA’s global operational excellence.

José Luis Caaveiro, the CEO of the company, expressed his excitement, stating, “Angel’s exceptional expertise in the Customer Support industry and Computer Science makes him the ideal candidate for delivering optimal solutions to our clients. With his extensive experience in Customer Support across various industries, particularly in BPO, where quality and operational efficiency are paramount, Angel brings invaluable knowledge to our organization. His proficiency in daily operations, delivering Customer Support Excellence, and his proven expertise in the ICT arena will greatly benefit SHA’s clients.”

Angel Rodriguez embarked on his career in the banking industry with Caixa Galicia before assuming management roles at renowned international Business Process Outsourcing Companies such as Concentrix, Stream, Convergys. Most recently, he served as Expert Solution Software at Wolters Kluwer, a leading company in the Financial Planning Software industry.

Angel holds a degree in Computer Science from La Coruña (E) University.

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Why Knowledge Management is important for organizations?

After several years “on the road”, I started to ask myself: is Knowledge Management (KM) seriously considered in companies? How are they managing that unique asset of the organization? Are they maximizing the potential of such massive knowledge?

You may think these questions are naïve, but for me, they became important when I looked into training or research programs, operations processes, etc. Yes, there was a massive amount of information available, in the vast majority of cases spread accross departments, functions, systems, intranets and employee computers without a common approach neither for creation nor for usage, security or maintenance & storage.

Even if Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) were in place, it was evident the presence of knowledge “silos”, different levels of deployment & usage, data quality issues, security risks, etc. To illustrate some impacts provoked by that situation, we can mention three:

  • Critical/core data lost (how to replace knowledge?)
  • Productivity loss (more than needed than required)
  • Cost increase (training, operations, maintenance, customer service, etc)

For me, Knowledge Management means discipline for spreading knowledge across the organization in ways that impact performance. And this is so because individuals and teams generate such knowledge that boosts overall performance when sharing: it is not great that engineers design new processes if they remain inside their computers; it is not great that a warehouse manager creates a new picking procedure if their colleagues keep using old process and procedure; it is not great that a customer support team improve performance by 2 digits and the rest of customer support organization is struggling.

Knowledge Management is a culture: it is not software, it is not a process, it is more than that. Knowledge Management is empowering people to boost their creativity, try new things, share achievements and measure their impact.

Ah, the magic word: “CULTURE”. You may think, are we talking about another fashion idea? I don’t think so: in these changing times, organizations will have to search for new opportunities to succeed in the market, and improving the overall performance is a good starting point. In this case, don’t forget that your organization is made by people that use their capabilities and skills in their jobs, and the more knowledge they have the better for them, but also for the organization.

Embrace the Knowledge Management culture!! We will be delighted to help on that journey.

SHA appoints Stéphane Lissillour as new Chief Customer Officer, positioning company to drive growth

SHA today announced the appointment of Stéphane Lissillour as Chief Costumer Officer. In this role Mr. Lissillour will be central to SHA strategy to leverage product portfolio and customer needs to drive growth both in current and new vertical markets.

José Luis Caaveiro, the Company’s CEO commented, “Stéphane brings significant experience into the customer support space, a critical role for our organization. His unique international experience, ability to drive multinational teams and extensive experience in rolling out international projects will be valuable in our efforts to deepen our market presence with our product range. I am confidente that Stéphane, as Chief Customer Officer, will be a success in driving our future”:

Mr. Lissilour began his career as System Enginner at Olivetti Systeme & Networks in Italy, he then joined Compaq France to develop the Service Channel, and he was then promoted to Compaq EMEA with the role of Technical Director for Africa. He moved from the IT industry to the Consumer Electronic market when joining Sony Europe where he estabished Customer Service Operations (Repair Centers, Contact Centers and web based support -including multilingual knowledge management operation). After this experience, Mr. Lissillour was then appointed as VP Customers Service by VOO, a fast growing Belgian Telco Operator. For the last 10 years Mr. Lissillour professional activities have been focused on high tech start-ups (smartphones, 3D scans, Identification software, …) where he has brought his Global Customer Centric expertise and Innovative Product Development skills.

Mr. Lissillour is graduated from Rennes (F) University in the field of Physics & Microelectronics Engineering.

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SHA announces Sentiment alert feature

As of May 20th, both SHA and INTRA products include a new sentiment alert feature, enabling realtime awareness and interaction. With the help of NLP techniques, every visit is evaluated extracting customer sentiment and keywords/action items. In the event of negative feedback, backoffice will notify immediately content/article owner, and all other organization members pre configured.

“We think this new feature is a very powerfull tool for those organizations with a customer centric approach. It allows realtime interacion if needed giving visibility to the whole organzation”, said José Luis Caaveiro, CEO of SHA.

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SHA announces release of Intranet/Community version

As of January 3th, SHA family grows, with a new Intranet/Community version, offering clients the possibility to deploy in a closed environment the power of search, troubleshooting and analysis of SHA solution.

Envisioned as a knowledge base tool, with easy search and troubleshooting features, INTRA will boost the usage of the company knowledge base in a wide range of operations, as will become the single source of authorized information within the organization. Speed of deployment as well as a smooth workflow management process will permit to put content in production almost “on the fly”.

INTRA is the answer to many requests from our clients, where accuracy and speed in propagating information in a closed environment like call centers is key in improving service and reducing operating costs”, said José Luis Caaveiro, CEO of SHA.

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Automatic Language Translation integrated on SHA

As of September 24th, language translation has been incorporated on all SHA versions, offering users the posiblity to translated base language of the application up to 90 different languages. This achievement has been done throught the seemless integration of “Google Translate” into the SHA backend.

“It is a terrific achievement for SHA clients, as simplifies and accelerates the multilanguage deployment of our software”, said José Luis Caaveiro, CEO of SHA.

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