Unlock the superpowers of SHA’s integrated coaching!

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Level up your coaching sessions and unlock the superpowers of SHA’s integrated coaching features!

For those who, like us, believe that coaching is the secret sauce to fix Customer Service operations, SHA swoops in to save the day!

Say goodbye to

  • the woes of productivity issues like call duration drifts,
  • quality mishaps such as an increase in repeated calls rate,
  • and customer experience blunders like incorrect or incomplete solutions.
SHA reporting displays all data required to understand the KB usage during a coaching session

SHA is here to save the day!

With a focus on knowledge management and operational extensions like training and coaching, SHA is the ultimate superhero.

 With SHA, you’ll become the superhero of knowledge management, creating improvement plans for KB users and saving the world from content chaos.

Training and coaching are your trusty sidekicks, helping you close the loop and conquer any challenge

Having knowledge management at the core and the operational extensions such as training and coaching, SHA is closing the loops and makes the Universe a safer place!

Let’s embark on a wild adventure together with a (not so) imaginary business case:

  •  Meet Peter Tek, the rookie contact center agent fresh out of onboarding training.
  • Armed with a technical background, Peter has been assigned to the prestigious technical team.
  • However, trouble lurks in the shadows as his quality coach has detected some chinks in his armor while listening to a few calls.
  • The coach has also taken a peek at Peter’s SHA Knowledge Base usage and confirmed that Peter needs to pay more attention to administrative policies instead of relying solely on his technical prowess.

Brace yourselves for the shocking revelations from Peter’s SHA KB usage reporting:

  • good usage and rave reviews for tech matters,
  • stellar follow-up on tech training,
  • lackluster usage of the KB for policy content,
  • and a disappointing performance in policy update training.
SHA provides a simple and efficient support for productive coaching sessions!

But wait, there’s more!

  • During the coach’s undercover mission of call monitoring, they stumbled upon a few calls that seemed to last longer than a Marvel movie.
  • Why, you ask? Peter’s hesitation with administrative details left callers hanging, resulting in a second call for help.
  • Fear not, for the coach has prepared a top-secret coaching session form integrated in SHA. This form will be shared with Peter, outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly, and setting the stage for improvement.
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And here’s the cherry on top: the coach can sprinkle some magic training articles into Peter’s curriculum using the “push” feature.

And last but not least, with SHA there is a PIP (Performance Improvement Form) that gathers ALL data required to make a coach session efficient and productive!

PIP form makes the coaching process easy and productive for all

Witness the wonders of SHA’s short training modules in a previous publication and get ready to save the day!

SHA: the Knowledge Management System that goes beyond plain Knowledge Management!

Why the home working trend has made Knowledge Management even more critical for Customer Support Operations.

Advanced Draft

The recent health crisis we went through have brought radical changes on the way Customer Support Operations (CSO) are managed

It is clear now that having a significant fraction of your CS staff working from home has become a normal way of doing business. This new way can bring benefits and advantages to both employees and employers … under certain conditions!

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This kind of radical change of working environment requires to re-evaluate things that were working on large open spaces and that might not work anymore when each employee works from home.

Let’s say: you work on a large open space, you have a customer on the phone asking for a new product price, if you’re not sure what to answer, you can quickly ask around if the new price list applies today or next week…you’ll get a yes/no reply from your team leader or your desk neighbor within a fraction of second. It might not be the ultimate way to get reliable information but we all know it works.

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Now if we think about the same situation when you’re “on your own” at home, this is totally different, well you are.on.your.own. You can look for the email from marketing announcing the new price list last week, you can try to chat with colleagues you think are on the same hour shift than you… but you’ll still be on your own.

All the good things that bring informal communication are gone with Home Working: what is easy when working in an open space, with opportunities to ask colleagues for help at the coffee machine or at the cafeteria, is becoming more tricky when you find yourself working from home…

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Not that long ago, I heard a manager in charge of Contact Center Operation telling me that Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) were all fine but he could not see the benefits as his team were talking enough to exchange and share commonly required information.

His point was: floor discussions, coffee machine interactions and cafeteria small talks were doing a better job than complex technology systems…He did not convinced me and I did not manage to break his certitude about “people natural knowledge maintenance”.

A few years later, after Covid experience, I’d like to ask him if he was still relying on this informal natural knowledge exchange, not because I want to prove him wrong but because the main information flow he was relying upon is not there anymore, or at least not there as much as it was before.

Now that some top tier BPO providers are announcing more than 40% (and +) of their production being from home office, you just cannot rely on human informal exchanges to vehicle content.

Even for the operations which were relying on some KMS, the challenge is there: content must be monitored, highlighted, made visible, improved, reported upon on a much higher frequency. Freshness of knowledge is becoming a headache for all Customer Touch Points operational managers

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A KMS such as SHA enables you to support your agents, are they in the office or remote from home, with fresh, easy to find information.

Another key benefit using SHA is that you can ensure your teams are educating themselves on the latest “need to read” new information, and you can hear their comments on the quality and usefulness of data you submit to them.

SHA helps the Customer Support Operations to provide better Service to your clients by providing better information and support to your teams!

Some advices from the Customer Support Experts at SHA:

  • Start today with a KMS solution that will enable you to create, maintain and monitor your enterprise knowledge
  • So that your teams can access this knowledge irrespective of their location!
  • So that your teams can be guided on what and when they have to learn.
  • So that your team leaders and supervisors can easily track the knowledge usage and learning
  • If you need to set up a KMS from scratch or move your existing KMS to a much more agile and cost-efficient system, have a look at what SHA can provide you!