SHA INTRA new release incorporating Training Management

As of July 6h, SHA INTRA product includes a new training management feature (v.3), enabling organizations to monitor the development of their training plans. By redesigning the training process, INTRA is managing the end-to-end process from training plan definition up to full execution.

This reinforces even more the complementarity of Training and Knowledge, specially in the contact center/BPO arena ( but not only) where those two elements should work hand in hand, hence our solution paves the way to a much better integration of knowledge: detection of need, validation of the solution, life-cycle quality management and now this unique feature: full visibility on how the new knowledge is acquired via training.

To do so, training plans can be defined at any of the following levels:

  • Knowledge Field
  • Category
  • Individual Articles

To help managers, training scorecard has been added, providing top-down execution visibility, being compliant with data protection regulation on each geography.

José Luis Caaveiro, the Company’s CEO commented, “it’s been a while that customers were requiring more granularity on training management and reporting. We heard those demands and implemented our solution to help our clients to cope with the training challenges”.

For more information, please contact mc@sha-saas-com

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