In less than 3 minutes evaluate your need for a (new) Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System Return on Investment (aka KMS ROI) … trust me, with such a headline it can be difficult to attract someone’s interest, we all keen on reading easy stuff and learn new things and much less likely to read complex calculations that are not fitting our business specifics (and we ALL have our own specific business, don’t we?)

So instead of writing a nice and long article on the hidden benefits of KMS or a very comprehensive suite of questions to estimate what could be the ROI (basically, when would your KMS bring tangible, monetized value to your business) we decided to play an easy game: just allocate points to each of the 10 features below

0 point if you believe this item is irrelevant to your business

1 point if you believe this item is of low importance to your business

2 points if you trust this item is important to your business

3 points if you strongly believe this item is totally critical to your business

And to have a proper evaluation: provide DELTA in the second column to evaluate how far you think you are from where you’d like to be. (using the same logic with points: 0 is low, 3 is high)

“your business” is not restricted to your bottom line, your sales number, but you’d agree that the your business’ ultimate value is made of a lot of others items such as: brand image, product innovation, customer experience, talent retention, financial health…

Irrespective of how you performed this test, just contact us at SHA, we have extensive business experience on how KMS can support your business and operations and get a fairly good estimate on how quickly you can achieve a proper ROI using KMS (it can be a few weeks!)

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